Space Weather VR

Aura of Intelligence Early Access

Aura of Intelligence Early Access

VR News Reading Studio

“News at the Frontiers of Space
and Virtual Reality!”

Step into the future of news broadcasting with our VR Space Weather News Reading Studio. As we enter the 3 year high activity danger era of Solar Sunspot Cycle 25 between 2024 and 2026 with a peak in 2025, stay up-to-date with factual reporting and live data. With our digital interface that transports you to the heart of unfolding stories, our studio offers a seamless blend of live data feeds and the vast expanse of space as your backdrop. Immerse yourself in the narrative as you interact with global events in real-time, making you not just a spectator but a participant in the news.

VR Space Weather Education

“Your Gateway to the Cosmos!”

Embark on an educational odyssey with our VR Space Weather Education interface. Dive into interactive learning where the solar system becomes your classroom. Explore celestial phenomena through a hands-on approach, understanding the dynamics of space weather patterns, solar flares, and more, all within a visually rich virtual reality experience designed to ignite curiosity and foster understanding.

Partner With Us

“Connect. Collaborate. Co-Create.”

Discover the art of synergy with our Space Weather News digital interface and help us to bring Space Weather News to the World via the 24 hour news cycle and through our educational platforms. Crafted for collaboration, this platform has been built in partnership with Space Development Nexus and brings together minds from across the globe. With interactive tools and a network map that highlights connections, we offer endless possibilities for CSR partnerships to bring this advanced information to hundreds of millions of students, pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve collectively in the realm of innovation and beyond.

Open Source NASA Data

“Unravelling the Universe,
Data Point by Data Point.”

Navigate the cosmos with precision and insight via our integrations of as much Open Source NASA Data as we can get access to. Equipped with live feeds, interactive charts, and sophisticated data visualization tools, this dashboard puts the universe’s pulse at your fingertips. Monitor space weather, track celestial events, and stay informed with the latest from NASA’s frontier-breaking discoveries.

Open Source ISRO Data

“From Indian Skies to Global Innovations.”

Delve into the world of space exploration with our ISRO Data interface. Experience the fusion of technology and discovery, where live data feeds illuminate the intricacies of space weather monitoring. With a dynamic world map and an intuitive dashboard, we offer a portal to witness and engage with the stellar work of India’s space research, fostering a global community of knowledge and advancement.

Open Source ESA Data

“Charting Space Through
European Eyes.”

Immerse yourself in the vastness of space with our ESA Data interface. Stay ahead of the curve with live updates and deep insights from the European Space Agency’s pioneering research. Tailor-made for enthusiasts and professionals alike, this interface provides real-time tracking, mission updates, and the latest in space exploration, all through a lens of European innovation and ingenuity.

Planetary Alignments

“Orchestrating the
Celestial Symphony.”

Witness the cosmic dance of planets with our Planetary Alignments tool. Experience the enigmatic movements of our solar system’s bodies in real time. This interface offers an interactive cosmic calendar of planetary alignments, retrogrades, and conjunctions, detailed with immersive visuals and predictive modelling that enchants both astronomers and astrologists alike.

Near Earth Objects

“Guardians of the Sky,
Watchers of the Cosmos.”

With our Near Earth Objects interface, embark on a vigilant watch over our planet’s celestial neighbours. Track asteroids and comets as they journey close to Earth’s domain. This sophisticated monitoring tool not only maps their paths but also provides crucial data on size, speed, and potential impact risk, serving as a sentinel for both the curious and the cautious.

Our Galaxy

“Sail the Starry Sea

of the Milky Way.”

Navigate the stellar wonders of the Milky Way with our Galaxy interface. Dive into a detailed map of our galaxy, exploring star clusters, nebulae, and space oddities. This portal offers a breathtaking visualization of the galaxy we call home, complete with educational content that unravels the mysteries of its spiralling arms and the supermassive black hole or “dark mode star” at its heart.

Aura of Intelligence Early Access

Aura of Intelligence Early Access