Mind Palaces

Aura of Intelligence Early Access

Aura of Intelligence Early Access

3D Rooms from Photos/Videos

Transform your cherished moments and spaces into immersive experiences with our ‘3D Rooms from Photos/Videos’ feature. Upload snapshots of your life, and watch as they metamorphose into living, breathing spaces within your Virtual Mind Palace. It’s not just a room; it’s a revival of times past, present and future preparations ready for you to utilise.

Build or Purchase 3D Buildings

“Buy a Blueprint, Build a Legacy”

Step into the marketplace of imagination with ‘Build or Purchase 3D Buildings.’ Select from a gallery of grand designs and architectural marvels, or design your own from the ground up to construct your digital domain. Each structure is a monument to your aspirations, a permanent residence for your ideas and a legacy in your Mind Palace.

Design Your Own Mind Palace

“Conceive. Create. Consecrate.”

‘Design Your Own Mind Palace’ invites you to play architect of your inner universe. Draft the halls of thought, sculpt gardens of growth, and erect pillars of purpose. This is where the sacred geometry of your psyche becomes a sanctuary, as majestic and unique as your spirit.

3D Furnishings Model Generation

“Decorate with Intention,
Dwell in Inspiration”

Our ‘3D Furnishings Model Generation’ tool gives substance to your essence. Curate your Mind Palace with a selection of furnishings that resonate with your soul’s frequency. Each piece is a totem to an idea, an artifact of your ingenuity, and a comfort in your contemplative retreat.

Scene Development & Cameras

“Direct the Documentary
of Your Dreams”

You are here to amplify your intelligence and agency as the director of your destiny’s documentary. Angle the lens to capture the vistas of your victories, the portraits of your passions, the revelries of relationships and the landscapes of your legacy. Here, you script the scenes that will tell your tale in the theatre of your Mind Palace.

Aura of Intelligence Early Access

Aura of Intelligence Early Access