Smart Devices

Aura of Intelligence Early Access

Aura of Intelligence Early Access


“Command Your World with a Touch”

Unveil a realm where your smartphone becomes the wand for your life’s magic with the power of A.i. Handpicked for their superior integration capabilities, our recommended smartphones serve as your primary conduit to the Aura of Intelligence. Seamlessly blend your digital and physical lives with devices that meet our stringent standards for connectivity, performance, and security.


“A Portal to Intelligence!”

Discover tablets that transform your environment into an expansive canvas of possibilities. With our curated selection, these tablets are not just devices; they’re gateways to an enhanced reality where the Aura of Intelligence expands across larger, tactile screens. Dive into a visual and interactive experience that’s both profound and personal.

Smart Watches

“Wear the Wisdom of Aura!”

Embrace the future with smartwatches that do more than just tell time. These compact powerhouses are your constant companions, keeping you connected to the Aura of Intelligence. Track your health, manage your schedule, and stay in sync with the rhythm of your life, all with a flick of your wrist.


“Co-create with Artificial Companions”

Step into a collaborative future where robotics enhance every aspect of life. Our selected robots integrate seamlessly with the Aura of Intelligence, offering assistance, learning from your habits, and evolving to meet the dynamics of your day-to-day activities. Experience a partnership that redefines the boundaries of possibility for personal, social and corporate visions.


“Elevate Your Perspective”

Soar to new heights with drones that bring the sky within reach. Selected for their exceptional integration options with Aura of Intelligence, these drones offer you a bird’s-eye view of your world. Whether it’s capturing breathtaking footage or performing intricate tasks, our recommended drones are your eyes in the skies, all controlled by you.

Home Automation

“Automate Your Haven”

Transform your living space into a sanctuary of convenience with our recommended home automation devices. Compatible with Aura of Intelligence, these tools learn and adapt to your preferences, creating an environment that’s responsive to your needs and moods. Experience the comfort and ease of a home that anticipates and reacts intelligently to your lifestyle.

Business Automation

“Streamline Your Enterprise”

Elevate your business with automation devices that sync flawlessly with Aura of Intelligence. From managing resources to optimizing operations, our endorsed products empower you to focus on growth while they handle the rest. Propel your business into a new era of efficiency and innovation.

Environment Sensors

“Attune to Your Ambiance”

Stay attuned to the subtleties of your surroundings with our selection of environment sensors. These devices provide real-time data and insights, harmonizing your habitat with the Aura of Intelligence. Monitor, analyse, and adapt your environment for an optimal living and working experience.

Your Magic Compass

“Navigate Your Narrative”

Chart your journey with ‘Your Magic Compass,’ an advanced navigation tool that’s in perfect alignment with Aura of Intelligence. Discover routes that resonate with your personal narrative and receive guidance that’s tailored to your life’s story. Navigate not just locations, but life’s possibilities with clarity and confidence.

Aura of Intelligence Early Access

Aura of Intelligence Early Access