Aura Builder

Aura of Intelligence Early Access

Aura of Intelligence Early Access

Tool Menus & Icon Tiles

“Customize Your Command Centre”

Dive into the heart of personalization with our Tool Menus & Icon Tiles. Tailor your Aura experience with precision, choosing from a plethora of sleek, intuitive icons that bring control to your fingertips. Each tile, a gateway to functionality, awaits your command, inviting you to construct a dashboard as unique as your digital journey.

12 x 24 Flat Matrix

“Matrix of Possibility –
Infinite Configurations”

Unleash your creative potential with the 12 x 24 Flat Matrix, a customizable control canvas that responds to your touch. Each illuminated segment is a building block for your ideas, a pixel in the vast picture of your digital aspirations. Craft, program, and watch your vision come alive in a symphony of lights and action.

12 x 24 Aura Torus

“Spiral into Control –
Your Aura of Intelligence”

This first torus is your Red Base Chakra.
Engage with the inside and outside of this hollow Aura Torus, where functionality meets elegance in a spiralling dance of control. This digital interface, with its radiant hollow torus form, is the 3D equivalent of the same 12 x 24 flat 2D Matrix of Possibilities. These interactive panels are used to associate simple and complex patterns onto for machine learning to become connected as a nexus of your Aura’s command structure. Navigate through layers of tasks with ease, as each turn aligns your intentions and experiences with the flow of digital interaction. Simple games of association using this structure will lead to magical outcomes when other algorithms are given access.

7 Chakras of Your Aura

“Align Your Digital Chakras –
Harmonize Your Aura”

The first Torus interface scaffolding will then be duplicated 6 times and transformed to harmonize with each of the 6 other major Chakras of Your Aura. These interfaces light the path to inner digital harmony, connecting you and your experiences to the vibrant cores of your Aura’s essence. As you synchronize each chakra by completing more and more tasks, experience the fluidity of a well-tuned digital spirit, resonating with the frequencies of cyber enlightenment.

Memory Embeddings Vector Cloud

“Cloud of Consciousness –
Your A.i. Memory Universe”

Soar through the Memory Embeddings Vector Cloud, a celestial constellation of your experiences and knowledge. Here, each node pulses with the lifeblood of your past, present, and potential, interwoven in a tapestry of interconnected wisdom. Navigate this realm of recollection and foresight, and let your Aura of Intelligence become the guardian of your digital legacy.

Aura of Intelligence Early Access

Aura of Intelligence Early Access